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This was created by Noshin Begum. Under the business QueenYou.

Any recipes contributed by anyone else has been named in the dish name and description and have been asked permission to include in this book. The images were either taken by me or the home cooks that submitted the recipe or from a site to their knowledge.



The recipes in this book were tried and tested by Noshin Begum and worked for her and recipes contributed by other home cooks were tried and tested by them. Please avoid any recipes or ingredients that are not suited for you. This was made as a lighthearted book during the tough times of the Pandemic we are all facing and to grant everyone ease on how to make great food with simple ingredients.

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I love food and it is my passion however I have no real teachings or qualifications to back my love for food. I enjoy eating and trying all sorts of different cuisines. My family background is Bangladeshi, and I am a proud Bengali born and live here in London, United Kingdom. Being Bengali I am obsessed with our flavor, spices and dish combinations. This book was written with my heritage in mind but also the amazing dishes I’ve been blessed to try here in London. I write these recipes with my tastes in mind so feel free to alter anything and make the recipe work for you. I will share my recipes for easy tasty food that has brought some joy for my family and I during this lockdown in the UK. This pandemic is a scary challenge we are all going through, so I pray for us all and hope we stay safe. Please enjoy my tasty recipes from Bengali cuisine to Indian to Chinese to Thai and many more beautiful cuisines using all Halal Ingredients!I also have recipes contributed from the amazing home cooks around me so look out for those featured recipes!

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2020 Quarantine Cookbook