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How finding my dream career helped me work harder.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Studying Computer Science, a highly populated industry, competition is hard to avoid and is prominent. What motivated me to work even harder is finding my dream career and potential job role.

I used to be a firm believer in not planning "too into the future" as it can fixate you on things that don't matter. I was always fixed on doing everything for the future and not living in the present, in the moment.

One day I was asked an innocent question but the one that caused me a lot of stress. "What do you want to do when you leave university?"

I was flustered, I was unprepared, I was embarrassed. This was the turning point in changing my views on preparations for the future.

I went home and researched for weeks, spoke to different people in different potential industries that I wanted to pursue. I finally came across something that made me excited for the future, made me hopeful for the future.

In the future I want to merge my love and passion for computer science, and programming with my passion for beauty and fashion. I guess this is a platform for me to share my love for these things. Knowing that there are jobs and careers where being creative and skilled at programming is needed makes me excited for the future. Knowing that I don't have to give up any of my passions and I can merge my creative side with my technical side is something that changed my mindset for the future.

I found out there are careers like working creatively with computer science such as designing websites, creating games, working with online magazines and many more prospects. Knowing that these are certain roles and industries I can work towards changed my mindset completely in planning for the future.

The amazing and great advantage for finding potential career routes is I feel motivated in a different way, yes it fixates me on my career but it's good thing. It is an extra strength and push that I need to succeed. After finding my passion medium and finding my future plan- academically I am more focussed, I am asking the right questions with an aim, I am finding and applying for work and internships related to my field, I am researching future qualifications that will help me in the future, I am excited about my education and my future.

I think deciding an end goal, an aim is an advantage. It's motivating, it's a reminder as to what you're working towards, it will be a great moment when you achieve it. But for those who are still wondering what they want to do, I was in your position and in a way I still am. Deciding what you plan to do can change and will probably change but that's not a bad thing. Take your time, "sometimes it's the smallest decisions that can change your life forever".