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What is working really like?

I have worked in various industries. Truth behind it.

Statistics show that on average, a job opening will attract around 250 applications. So, what makes you stand out?

Source: TheSelfEmployed

Only 2% of applicants will be called for an interview for the average job opening (

Qualifications are important; they are both useful and desired. However, what helps individuals with qualifications stand out? Although statistics show experience to be highly desired by employers, I feel passion is what makes an individual stand out from the rest. This is one of the main reason why I decided to volunteer and try out different jobs. When I was in school, we had to do 2 weeks work experience. My placement was in a preschool, helping teachers in the classroom. Working there for two weeks triggered my passion in teaching (one of the reasons why I now tutor young children and teens part time, details to follow below). However, as I am still very young, I decided to work in different industries in pursuit of my true passion.

I worked as an Avon Representative; this allowed me to meet new people and talk about all things beauty, skincare, health and hair! I worked as a Telephone Interviewer which was quite a pressurised role. Having to deal with people who do not really want to speak to you and can get quite rude was very difficult, however, I did not crumble under pressure and remained professional at all times. This tested both my patience and resilience.

As briefly mentioned above, I have been tutoring students aged from 5 up to 18 years old, teaching English, Maths, Science, Computer Science and 11+. I work in a Ofsted Registered tuition centre and have taught over 200 students. I work there part time and I love teaching. I love creating content, worksheets and lesson plans for my classes. It's a satisfying experience when your students do well and achieve what they wanted.

As a hobby, I share my beauty and skincare hacks and looks via social media to my (nearly) 5000 followers. It is a fun hobby and platform for me and my followers to learn something new.

Growing up, my parents always encouraged us to make a difference, however small, through local charity work etc. My sister and I have done various charity works i.e. we created and led our own comic relief event and raised over £200, volunteered in charity shops etc. I am currently volunteering at the Redbridge Foodbank (one of the best environment I worked in with the kindest people. Everyone there is volunteering because they want to do something good for people who need it). The foodbank has taught me everything about being thankful as well as being proactive in helping our community.

All these different experiences and jobs have taught me so many lessons. I feel like my maturity, resilience, confidence is all due to these experiences. So even if these experiences do not help me "get a job", I know the lessons and skills they taught me will!

I guess what really matters are the lessons, skills and experience you gain and that's what makes working necessary.