• Noshin- QueenYou

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind?

Find out my desk 'hacks' and the must haves for your workspace.

Source: Huffington Post

Motivation can conquer mountains. Leading me on to my first major tip, QUOTES! Motivational quotes are the perfect accessory for your desk- it looks cute as well as providing you a constant reminder not to give up at work. You can also accessorise your boring work day with a funny quote to keep you smiling through the long hours and days!

Quote for your desk: "Don't hope for it. Work for it."

On my desk I make sure I always have my favourite hand creams! Dealing with papers and constant writing/typing can dry out your hands. I love having my hand creams easily accessible for me to rehydrate my hands as well as it SMELLS AMAZING! Post-it notes are the greatest thing invented! I love using small post-it notes and sticking them on my walls, table and even my notebooks. It's the perfect 'remainder' note and it's bright you can't ignore it!

"Tidy desk"; an organised and easy to use and find all your resources quickly. "Tidy mind"; the clean and organised environment can allow your mind to be more focussed and less cluttered.